It’s been a great start to my RV life in 2016.

From the moment I saw my rig.To signing the deal and picking it up!To the first trips in it.2016 has been Ab-Fab!

Now it’s time to wrap up the whole sucker with the inagural, “Top 10 RVJedeye Spots!” At the end of each year, starting this year, I’m going to choose my Top 10 spots I stayed at. I’ll breakdown the location, give you a cost per night, and show off a picture or two.It’s all just my own opinion, but hopefully will give you some insight into some of the locations I just think we’re amazing to hit up.

This year’s Top 10 list will be revealed, right here on Monday December 12th! So mark your calendars, cuddle up in front of the fire or TV Fire and enjoy the very first “Top 10 RVJedeye Spots for 2016!”