A July Stocking Stuffer😊

I posted awhile back about “Christmas in July,” when I got my first bit of gear shipped to me, my surge protector.

Now, looky here a stocking stuffer if you will. A set of leveling blocks for the rig. 

I don’t know how much I’ll end up using them, but from everything I read and see in videos, I should have a set, so I got them.

Camco has been good to me with my surge protector so I went back to them again for these.

A couple of questions to those reading:

  • How often do YOU use leveling blocks?
  • Are they tough to actually use?
  • And what kind do you own?

Love the conversation… Learn a lot and will update you when I do things like… Get a new television… Down the line… Down the line… But it IS coming!😎

8 thoughts on “A July Stocking Stuffer😊

  1. Hello. Leveling is needed to keep your comfort and especially your Fridge working correctly. The longer your Rig the more they are needed since front to back distance is greater. Does your RV have a level built in? If not then you will need to buy some. I recommend a few one for by the fridge and one for the opposite end of the unit. One for side to side and also front back. I have found most areas with commercial RV parks that are set up for the larger RV;s are pretty level. National, State and Regional parks where your a camping usually on Dirt, are not. Even with the leveling jacks in our Class A we carried 2 sets of blocks. The two sets were from our fifth wheel and I think are Camco brand but it has been so long ago I don’t remember. Like Michael Justus said you will get to know your rig. Our Class A was very temperamental if it wasn’t level the refrigerator wouldn’t work. With our fifth wheel we could get away with being a little off but that one was much shorter and smaller than the Class A. Thanks for posting as it is fun hearing about your adventure.

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  2. The Camco ones came with my RV. I’ve used them almost every time I’ve gone out – sites just weren’t level. And I’m not sure how level they have to be! But these were very easy to use – and I’m doing this by myself. I did notice that one chipped when I reversed off of them last time. Still very usable.


      1. Probably not. Depends on where you park – most campgrounds are pretty level. My minimal experience has been that I needed to level only 1 or 2 tires. And I didn’t use all of the blocks. Maybe some of the more experienced folks will jump in here.


  3. We use both these yellow Camco levelers along with a set of Linxlevelers from Walmart. We personally like the Lynxlevelers because they freely let water drain through. To remedy this, we have drilled holes through our Camco levelers. It works fine but the Lynxlevelers seem to be better quality. We use our levelers at least 50% of the times we stop. You’ll slowly get to know your rig and figure out which spots are the most level, but they come in super handy. As far as “ease” goes, these are all a breeze after using them about 10 times. You’ll see what works and what doesn’t and it will become second nature for you to know how and where to stack them to make your RV level.


    1. Thanks for the input. I’ve only been out once, going out again this weekend, so I’m still really new and learning. Good advice though and I will drill into them and checkout the Linxlevelers as well.


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